Success & Prosperity Candlework Part II

I didn’t get round to posting these photos yesterday, the sixth and final day of Creole Moon’s Success and Prosperity Candle Ritual that I was trying. Check out Part I here.

Before the last candle has fully burned out, combine everything together in a jar, burn your petition and bury it near your home. Extinguish the candle, but do not blow it out.

I put a few twists and flourishes on my own candlework. I burnt the petition directly in the jar (mostly for safety) before adding the other items. I also added some fresh drops of oil and a stick of cinnamon. On the first and last day I also used oil and incense in both my office and the space where I do most of my witchy/hoodoo things.

I cheekily contacted Denise, of Creole Moon, to ask if burying the jar in a plant pot or larger container would work – as I do not have a garden. She said that would be good. 😀

Well, here are a few photos:

I won’t show you were it buried it. 😉

I am a little behind on my other posts as I’ve been so busy at work, but am working on trying to catch up.

Peace, love, blessings.

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