Land of LLitons

Yesterday was time for another walk in the endless woodlands that surround me. We ended up in the land of LLitons.

Nitons or Llitons are basically evil fairies. Perhaps, more like tiny demons who are half-human and half-animal with wings. Local legends say that they fly into your ears and up your nose.

If you should fall asleep, especially where they live, they can steal your memories, knowledge and even sanity.

A famous Catalan poet wrote about them, Jacint Verdaguer. I am still looking for English translations of these works. There are so many other local mythical and magical creatures to write about, but for now I’ll share some photos from our walk.

Even though we didn’t spot any LLitons, we were amazed by the sheer number and variety of butterflies. Our walked took us up to mountain top and a 1,000 year old castle and then ended back in the deep forest at the local ‘Gorg’.

A gorg is a local word for a place where water cascades over larger boulders or stones. We almost missed this one, as it was hidden within a deep crevasse.

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