Success & Prosperity Candlework

I wanted to share with you all my current altar, this wasn’t planned as it unexpectedly came in the most recent newsletter from Creole Moon. These usually contain lots of interesting facts and useful methods and tips, etc.

I won’t be sharing the exact ritual, as this was especially for subscribers. I do however feel that it’s more than fair to show my own altar and thoughts about the work.

You’ll need…
Altar now in place.
Rune Fehu, for prosperity.

I went a little mad with the circle of cinnamon, but the dispenser was being far too reluctant at first. The exact layout of things was not suggested or provided, except the candle and circle. Perhaps I needn’t have included everything, but felt that it was good to have it all as close to the candle as possible*.

I also added a few personal steps, borrowed from my previous candlework. I anointed the petition paper, and used cinnamon as a powder to rub into the candle. I used another cloth from Rwanda as it contained green circles, which seemed most appropriate to me.

Aside from the green candles I already had all these things at home. I guess that’s the point of Hoodoo, to be practical and not cost the Earth.

For someone looking for an alternative to the Saint Expedite ritual I’d posted, especially one without a specific Saint, spirit, deity or Lwa, then this is a good option. I choose to carve runes on my candle, but the provided method has other suggestions from everyday to the astrological making it even more flexible.

This is a six-day work, so I’ll share a final photo once it’s done.


*I did temporarily remove the ‘Damballah Wedo Talisman for Wealth and Luck’ that Denise kindly provided (to be printed out) from my altar when taking the photos, again out of respect for her works and other subscribers.

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