Rain Water Altar Stone

Et voila!

Here is my first attempts at making something in plaster – and cast from a clay mould.

My first ideas were for a larger more plate like shape, with a cup and rain droplet image as a space for incense and a small candle. However, I first wanted to focus on testing things out and needed something heftier for our very, very windy terrace.

My experiments with colouring didn’t work as well as I’d hoped, but I am happy with the final look… be it not as durable as I’d hoped. I will try make another and incorporate the elements I left out, including channels rather than the simpler stepped design. You can see these in the photo of my Grimoire page.

I am happy that the water in the rune and inner water element doesn’t drain away, and can evaporate back into the air. Ready to seed the next storm.

I will try make smaller holes in the next version too, in the hope that the water drains more slowly. I’d prefer drips rather than dribbles.

Having such a vivid blue in amongst the terracotta and greens of the garden looks fantastic too.

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