with Love & Honour

Today I gave thanks to Saint Expedite and am now ready to share the how with you.
I hope that this post will also serve as part of my giving thanks.




To give thanks is a very important step to ensure that Saint Expedite does not take back what he has granted.

You should place red and/or yellow flowers on the altar. It seems this can be done either in the water glass, on his icon or on/in the candle. There was no mention of how many, so I choose five different ones I had in my garden.

It is also important to offer “pound cake”, or what the British call Sponge Cake. I decided on offering five slices, each topped with five pennies, as this sounded most right to me and equalled the number of flowers. However, some people offer one slice and others do not include the pennies or offer these separately from the cake.

There is a lot of talk about offering a specific brand of cake (Sara Lee), while others state that isn’t necessary. Given I had no option, I choose to ignore this and gave the nicest one I could find. I can bake, but the bakery’s is better. 😉

The next and final step is to inform others of what Saint Expedite has done for you, be that published in print (and online?) or by directly speaking to others.





So, I would like to thank the Saint with love and honour for answering my prayer:

Glory to you Saint Expedite! Thank you for answering my prayer and bringing me that which I needed most at this difficult time. 



Here are the sources I used to inspire my method:

Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook by Denise Alvarado

Denise’s website is The Art of Conjure*

Hub Pages – Saint Expeditus

Lucky Mojo – Saint Expedite

Or you can find more details on Wikipedia.

*In my last post I incorrectly linked Denise Alvarado’s shop and not the link to her blog on Saint Expedite.

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