Minimal Man-Witch

I’ve recently been embracing a new way of life, outside of my spiritual one – yett inspired by it. That is a reduction in consumerism and an optimising of how environmentally friendly I am.

These are two things I’ve always done, but I recently realised that I’d gotten sucked into the materialistic side of witchcraft and tarot cards. These things haven’t helped my spiritualism and inversely have rather impeded it.

So it’s all gone. Anything that does not form an active part of my daily or weekly activities is gone. Mostly donated, some sold (still got tarot decks waiting for new homes) and some returned to nature.

I still have a few items that help me to focus, that I use or that I wish to learn to use. Most of my “religious” practice occurs in nature and most of that is in the woods and forests.

At home I use candles, incense, my grimoire and I want to use herbs and oils more.

Having recently embraced and begun to learn hoodoo, showed me the benefits of a temporary and very simplistic altar. This has helped me to further embrace this minimalistic pagan path.

A time may come when crystals, tarot and other things become of interest or necessity for me, but until that day I will let these things pass.

I have kept one tarot deck and rune stones plus my absolute favourite agate skull and a green glass eye my mum gave my on my 15th birthday. Of course my horned god will stay and serve a place to focus my energies.

I hope to avoid plastics for herbs and stick with glass in future. The books will be passed on once read and I will try my utmost to buy, find, forage or make my items as locally as possible in future.

Witchy Tools
A few witchy-tools.
Faun / Pan
And my amazing mini-faun.


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