Magical Hike

I wanted to share a few photos from a hike me and a local witch friend took this past Sunday. She choose the spot and kept it largely secret. The way proved more difficult than we had expected, but was well worth the effort.


The clamber up and over the mountain to reach the hidden valley.


The descent down into the hidden valley beyond, the way in was a small crack in the seemingly never ending cliffs.


The magical valley of “the Airy Rocks”. These caves scattered throughout this long thin valley are famous for the cool air the release creating this unique micro-climate.


We joked about becoming the new resident bruja and brujo, next thing I know I am tumbling down and down a sharp slope. I won’t show you my arse, but my left arm, hip and buttocks are covered in scrapes, cuts, bruises and I even have a puncture wound in my right cheek. Shouldn’t joke so lightly about these things.

Cuts n Scrapes

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