Land of LLitons

Yesterday was time for another walk in the endless woodlands that surround me. We ended up in the land of LLitons. Nitons or Llitons are basically evil fairies. Perhaps, more like tiny demons who are half-human and half-animal with wings. Local legends say that they fly into your ears and up your nose. If you should... Continue Reading →

Success & Prosperity Candlework

I wanted to share with you all my current altar, this wasn't planned as it unexpectedly came in the most recent newsletter from Creole Moon. These usually contain lots of interesting facts and useful methods and tips, etc. I won't be sharing the exact ritual, as this was especially for subscribers. I do however feel... Continue Reading →

Rain Storms

We're experiencing when of the strongest storms in a year, all thanks to my new altar stone? I don't dare say so, but am glad I get to test it out so soon: Still waiting for the storm to pass to collect the results.  

Rain Water Altar Stone

Et voila! Here is my first attempts at making something in plaster - and cast from a clay mould. My first ideas were for a larger more plate like shape, with a cup and rain droplet image as a space for incense and a small candle. However, I first wanted to focus on testing things... Continue Reading →

Rain/Water Altar

After weeks and weeks of heat and dry air, we’ve just had a mild storm. Me, my cat & the plants are all sighing with relief and feeling rivatlisted by the cooler air and freshness. I’m feeling inspired to create a garden altar to give thanks for the rain. I’ve an idea for the altar... Continue Reading →

with Love & Honour

Today I gave thanks to Saint Expedite and am now ready to share the how with you. I hope that this post will also serve as part of my giving thanks.     To give thanks is a very important step to ensure that Saint Expedite does not take back what he has granted. You... Continue Reading →

Saint Expedite

In my first post I said I would explain how hoodoo and witchcraft would be slowly incorporated into my daily life. I've yet to explain exactly how. Although practicing these methods may not be a daily thing, following and believing in a pagan path is very much a fundamental part of my day to day... Continue Reading →

Minimal Man-Witch

I've recently been embracing a new way of life, outside of my spiritual one - yett inspired by it. That is a reduction in consumerism and an optimising of how environmentally friendly I am. These are two things I've always done, but I recently realised that I'd gotten sucked into the materialistic side of witchcraft... Continue Reading →

Magical Hike

I wanted to share a few photos from a hike me and a local witch friend took this past Sunday. She choose the spot and kept it largely secret. The way proved more difficult than we had expected, but was well worth the effort.   The clamber up and over the mountain to reach the... Continue Reading →

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